Is there anybody out there with a big heart ❤️ - that loves cats and has room for a little cat family?

We have three totally adorable - absolutely special kittens born by Mata My - a stray mom - two boys and one girl - soon ready for a new forever home - of course the dream is that someone would have space for them all - they are a happy little family - then they would be ready very soon. They are all healthy, very play-full, love each other, are social, and like the company and cuddles from people. And not least - they are fully litter box trained! So this is a catch! If we had any possibility they would stay with us - but sadly we can't keep them, we have already too many to care for. And the other cats don’t tolerate this new situation. They are in an uproar. If you should know about a kind cat-loving forever home here in Crete or abroad - please let us know!! Important - they need to be spayed around six months old. They are now about 2 months. If you live in this area we can help to arrange it. The mother still lactates them. But they are also eating solid food. We call them Tussi, Tassen, and Theo - but of course, you'll find your own names!😻😊 We can deliver them personally to most places on the Island during July. PS. To be adopted abroad, we need to start a vaccination process that will take about a month. They can't travel anyway before they are at least 3 months old and in some countries even more. If you are seriously interested please send us a note - https://www.facebook.com/felinistraycatproject/

or e-mail: strays@felini.no

They are really special kittens! Take them all together! You will never regret it!😁❤️

And of course - if you have room to take the whole little family on board - nothing would be better than that!! Mata My is now sterilized (after three pregnancies in a year - she is less than two years her self) and treated for all kinds of parasites and fungi. She is a very good little mama and a sweet cat who deserves a happy life. She would love a home.🙏

For more information and donations please visit us at: https://www.felini.no/straycats/
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During a night of a big Earthquake, Mata My moved her kittens to our balcony. 

All are fully
litter box trained:)

Mata My and her kittens a few days
after her sterilization.

"We might not change the world by helping a stray, but the world will at least change for those we help. And we deeply believe in the intrinsic value of any sentient being- be it humans or animals."

Any support will be greatly appreciated!